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We calculate CO2 emissions

This is an important starting point for planning pro-climate measures. Experienced experts, proven methodologies.


We build strategies

How to reduce your carbon and environmental footprint. We support communication and offseting. We carry out implementations and monitoring.


We educate and engage

We advise on how to engage selected communities, citizens and employees, how to talk about your pro-climate activities.

Climate Strategies Poland

About us

Climate Strategies Poland Foundation supports companies, local governments and organizations in building environmental awareness and successful emissions reduction strategies. We calculate carbon footprint, build reduction and communications strategies. We gathered a team of experienced experts passionate about protecting the climate and making a real difference.

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Lowering Your Carbon Footprint

Why Is It Important for Your Business?

Investors, Business Partners, Customers and Regulators more and more often require CO2 footprint reporting and coherent reduction strategies. It is needed for tenders, contracts, and required by sense of climate responsibility.

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Tel.: +48 58 728 2777 E-mail: kontakt@climatepoland.pl


Bank account

IBAN: PL50 1140 2004 0000 3102 8001 6104 Nr BIC: BREXPLPWMBK