The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. We are working towards a transition from pro-climatic declarations to concrete actions and reductions.

As part of the Foundation’s business activities, we calculate the carbon footprint of companies, services, products and events. We have experts with extensive experience in this area, a broad understanding of the climate context in Poland combined with a realistic view of the business context.

Our team includes experienced consultants, former employees of the largest consulting companies.

We support partners in:


Counting and building reduction strategies


Choosing an offset


Communication activities

Possible profits from implemented projects are transferred to the statutory goals of the Foundation.

The statutory goals of the Foundation include: education on the reduction of the carbon and environmental footprint, support for local governments and organizations in building environmental awareness.

We can boast of a number of implemented initiatives consisting in building awareness of climate change among citizens, conducting public consultations or expanding the competences of local government representatives.