Entrepreneurs who work with multinationals are required to calculate the carbon footprint of their activities and products.

An important reason for calculating carbon footprints is reporting to the international non-profit charity CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project), which manages a global disclosure system for investors, companies and cities to manage their environmental impact.

It has set up a system of comprehensive self-reported data to measure and manage environmental impacts as well as make more informed decisions about climate action. For some organizations, the reason why they calculate the carbon footprint will also be reporting to CSR, i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility, and non-financial reporting. CSR is a self-regulating business model that helps companies be socially responsible.

As a result, companies can be aware of the impact they have on all aspects of society, including economic, social and environmental.

By monitoring your carbon footprint in your company, you: 

  • meet the expectations of investors, customers and regulators,
  • improve environmental performance,
  • optimize the production process in your company,
  • support the financial performance of the company,
  • improve your image as an environmentally friendly company.

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Ph.D. Agnieszka Liszka – Dobrowolska

An expert with many years of experience in building communication strategies. The originator of many projects in the field of climate protection and air quality, including The program to support cities in the fight against smog „LeadAir” and the campaign for the green reconstruction of the economy Czasnarestart.pl.

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Łukasz Broniewski

Experienced advisor who has cooperated with the Polish government and European institutions for many years. In recent years, a member of the office of the President of the European Council. Previously, the Head of the Political Cabinet of the Prime Minister. He advised on strategy, communication, public policy and international relations.

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